Friday, November 8, 2013


Hey there! Welcome to Pink Paper Trail, my little virtual home where I intend to share my work, creative side, ideas, tips, things I learn, our culture and bits and pieces of my daily life. This is my attempt to reach out to the outside world and connect with people who share the same views and ideas as mine.

I'm Laine, wife to a beautiful man named Bryan and a mom to a precious but not so little boy anymore whom we named Sealtiel (after my birth angel, as he is like an angel to our lives).
I am a lover of the arts, architecture, photography, fashion and music. I so love crafting, I think ever since I learned how to write, color and use scissors. I am the author of and creator of the Pink Paper Trail Blog and the Pink Paper Trail Etsy shop (formerly named Xreations). I am a full time mom and a freelance crafter, interior designer, architect and graphic designer all the same time.

Thanks and I am glad you stumbled upon my blog. I hope you stay and get to know me. Please feel free to share your thoughts, you can email me at pinkpapertrail [at] gmail [dot] com.

I was born and raised in the sunny (if not rainy) tropical country-the Philippines in a small town in Laguna province. We used to live in a small hut near the foot of the mountain. My grandparents used to have a poultry and a farm there. They grew mango, pinapple, rambutan (it's one of the lychee specie that I don't really like, oops sorry!) and lanzones. My dad is an accountant during the workdays and a farmer during the weekends back then. I get to ride a carabao whose name is Mercedes going to those farms, I help pick the mangoes. Carabaos are what we locally call "kalabaw" (that animal looks like a cow but brown). My mom is a college professor teaching accounting. Growing up, I am used to traveling to and from the city to the province. I have two younger brothers, Carlo and Mike. All of them lives in Texas.

I was always one of the boys, hated dresses, make ups, and all the girly stuff. It was only in college that I started to learn to love being a girl and having crushes and all that. Kinda late eh?

I had a Bachelor's degree in Architecture and practiced the profession for more than six years. In 2008, my husband and I decided that I stay a full time mom and help him build his design studio business.

I met Bryan in 2003 through a friend's friend (ya know... sumthin' like that!). It was a short engagement, we got married the following year. Fast? Well, what can I say, I finally met my match! (wink, wink!) We had a church wedding, in a drizzling but beautiful day in September.  He is an artist too and have a lot of tattoos. He loves to cook and a good one and he's the reason I became 120 lbs from 95 lbs since I got married (except of course when I got pregnant), he still calls me sexy and that's what important (right?!). We call him Chef Bryan at home and he loves it!

In 2005, we were blessed with a little boy. Now he's eight, and he grows really fast (I wish I can take hold of the time, when all he likes is to play with me and snuggle, (sigh...)). Our not so little boy is kind of shy at times but wild with his imagination. He likes to draw, play with Lego and is crazy with dinosaurs and dragons.

I don't really like to cook and what's the point when hubby takes over the kitchen and does his magic. I benefit, do I need to complain? He doesn't either. (two thumbs up!) I bake though and make good dessert (says who? haha!), if that's any consolation. (wink!) BUT! If he's the king of the kitchen, I am the handy one. I can install or fix a door knob, put on a lock, I can even make a cabinet from scratch, given the right tools. Quite the opposite eh, but perfectly matched.

I am a lover of nature and the environment. I believe that all animals need to live in their own habitat, free, not caged and not in an aquarium. I believe that we should respect nature and all that inhabits it.

I was born and raised a Catholic. I believe in God. I am not a perfect Catholic, I may have questioned its ways and practices many times but not the ways of God. My faith in him is solid, it's what keeps me and us together each and every single day and I intend to keep it that way the rest of my life.

A few other things... I also love books. I am a frustrated writer. I have a lot of stories and ideas stuck in my head, I would love to write a novel or even a short story if given the time and a chance and hopefully get it published (crossing fingers here!) in the near future. So, writing this blog is like hitting two birds with one stone, I get to showcase my creative side and at the same time I get to write.

What keeps me busy these days... family - hubby and kid, house, my Etsy shop, reading, crafting and now this blog is going to keep me busy too!

Sooo.... there...

Thanks for reading til the bottom! I appreciate it, seriously. (cause for real, I only expect me and my friends to read this.)

Thanks again and I hope you join me here in my little journey to blogging!

Love lots!

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