Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ways to Help Yolanda / Haiyan Typhoon Victims in the Philippines

"When you are down, there's no where else to go but up."

It had been two weeks since super typhoon Yolanda (the strongest tropical cyclone that made landfall on record. Source: Wikipedia) hit a huge part of our country leaving more than 4 million persons or more than 850 thousand families homeless. Today, victims start to move on with their lives little by little. Each one affected tries to piece on where to begin, like a big puzzle with a lot of missing pieces.
With each passing day we get to see more clearly what the typhoon had left or rather what it had taken with it like houses, structures, government centers, parks, churches or to shorten the list - an entire community - and lives, people and animals. 

So how can we help?

Here are a few ways:


 Created and launched a person finder  and a relief map showing evacuation centers, crisis areas, relief drop off points including assessment maps showing damaged areas.

It's not just people who are victims, animals too.

How do we rebuild a house, a street, a community, a town, a province?

Many Filipino people needs your help. As day to day they face the reality of what the typhoon had left them -  some have few while others have none...