Monday, January 13, 2014

Welcome 2014!

Hello everyone! I'm back! I have to apologize though for my unfinished posts for December - the gifts for him, her, baby and children. My most sincere apologies. The season was waaay busier than expected. I am new to blogging and I've already anticipated this to be HARD, I didn't know it was THAAAT HARD! Honestly, I don't know if I can keep this thing going so please extend your patience and bear with me. I was helping hubby with his business, I am his account executive on the side, meeting with potential clients coordinating with them, delegating work etc., being a wife, mom and all that, reviewing my son for his 3rd quarter exams, creating and working on orders at my Etsy Shop, Christmas shopping, holiday events, wrapping gifts including ALL the gifts my mom bought for our relatives, grocery shopping and all that. They came like raging hungry bulls that needs to be fed all at once. It was all tiring but a fulfilling month at the same time. But then it gave me ZERO time to blog.  BUT! BUT! I came out alive of that and happy and I very much look forward to what 2014 may bring. 

Moving on! I will be needing your help moms and dads out there, this will be my first project of the year. 

We are looking for NEWBORN BABY PHOTOS! And with your consent, we are going to use them as samples for our new series of Birth Announcement cards (and future photo cards) on our etsy shop ( Upload, send or tag us (@pinkpapertrail) (#pinkpapertrail) on instagram with your photos (or email us at pinkpapertrail[at]gmail[dot][com]. (PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE PHOTOS YOU ARE TAGGING and UPLOADING 'ARE YOURS' AND THAT YOU ARE ALLOWING US TO USE THEM AS STOCK PHOTOS FOR OUR SHOP.)

**As a token, we are giving away a sample blank birth announcement templates (see lower photos) OR a any (1) one invitation of your choice on my shop which you can claim anytime.

Please take note that not all tagged or uploaded photos may be used immediately, some may be used for our future projects. The token will be given even if the submitted photos will not be used.

Lastly, ALL the photos uploaded, submitted and tagged for us to use on our shop will NEVER be used for any other purposes except for the above-mentioned. It will not be modified, like the face, dress, parts etc. (except for a little enhancement like turning it into sepia or black and white) and I will never abuse the trust you give me, I am a mom too. All the photos will have a watermark of pinkpapertrail.

Thanks in advance! 

Cheers to all!

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