Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cutting Guide and Tips

Hello everyone! I was planning to this for a long time and this has been long overdue on my list of things to post. Here's how I cut my cards and invitations. So for those of you asking for tips here you go.

For mom's like me who loves hosting and thinks and daydreams about our kid's party all the time, unlike most power tools that most people know of these are my tools.
(From upper left down to right)
1. A pair of reliable scissors
2. Non-stick craft precision scissors
3. A cutter
4. Craft knife or my ever favorite X-acto knife
5. Stainless steel ruler
6. Cutting mat
(the green worn-out thing in the background)
All of the above has the same purpose which is of course to 'cut' but each has its own specialty, well, that's just for me (I think...!). Anyway, let's have a sample here.

I have a newly designed Circus Theme invitation in my shop and a coordinating Food tent card, this will be our sample project.

Now for this project, I decided to use my X-acto knife and my ever reliable stainless rule and my cutting mat.

Tip 1. I use a steel ruler, I've had past experiences using acrylic or plastic rulers and they don't do well when I accidentally slice them with the craft knife. They can get easily scraped, sliced and diced with sharp cutters and knife.

All of my invitations and cards have cutting guides on them. These are very useful when cutting.

 1. Place your ruler atop the card make sure that it is aligned with the other end of the cutting line in the card. Then you can start cutting. REMEMBER: DO NOT begin cutting from the edge of the paper, just somewhere above the cutting line.
See that there are part of the card that is sliced? You call that bleed, the design is extended so you won't see peeking white edges on your invitation/card when it is cut.

2. Cut the three sides of the card/invitation. See that I did not slice/cut through the edges of the paper, this is so you will not lose your cutting guides.

3. Lay the sliced part back flat to the cutting mat and cut the middle part using the mid cutting guide and line.

4. Now, you're able to get once piece from the two cards leaving the other still attached on the printed sheet.

5. Now you will be able to cut the remaining card on the sheet without a sweat. The cutting guide still in place. So it's important that you REMEMBER to cut only on three sides first, 1 short side and 2 long sides without cutting through the edge of the paper.

6. Two cards neatly cut, leaving the original printed sheet looking like a frame.

7. Now I need my non stick precision scissors. I use this for items with lots of curved or small curves to cut. 

8. A fully cut food tent card.

9. Here's an additional tip, for you to achieve a neatly folded card. You may actually do this even before cutting when all the cutting lines and fold lines are still attached. However for this item, since there are points I can use as guide, I chose to do it on the latter part. You can either turn over the card or you may do it in front too (JUST MAKE SURE YOU DO IT CAREFULLY). Then by using the back of the knife blade or the back of a cutter blade or using a ink-less pen point, score the card GENTLY, just so you get a perfect line or mark guide where you can fold it. Remember you are not cutting, just making a straight line mark so be gentle. For beginners, I suggest using an ink-less pen point. 

Tadaaa!!!! Now I have my neatly cut and folded food tent card!

Find these food tent cards here!

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